What is remote online notarization (RON)?

All Sentinel Title Escrow Officers are RON certified and we can provide notary services 24/7.

Remote online notarization (RON) allows documents to be notarized in electronic form with the signer signing with an electronic signature and appearing before a commissioned notary online via audio-video technology. This allows anyone with an internet connection to get documents signed and notarized online.

These notarizations retain all the core components of a traditional, paper-based notarization, but add additional layers of technology and security to lend greater insight and confidence in the integrity of each notarization.

In addition to TEXAS , 37+ states have signed RON laws into place, allowing their notaries to complete online notarizations. And thanks to Interstate Recognition, which gives legal authority to notarial acts completed in one state for use in any other, a properly completed RON performed by a notary from a state with effective RON laws is valid and acceptable in a different state when completed according to the laws of that notary’s commissioning state.

Visit the Notarize website for more information.

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